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Divine Detangler Brushes | Olivia Garden


DV-1 Wet Detangler

For gentle detangling of wet hair

Special Memory-Flex™ bristle

with comfortable ball-point tips

DV-2 Care & Style

For superior styling & daily care

on all hair types & extensions

Special blend of Memory-Flex™

& 100% boar bristles

DV-3 Dry Detangler

For easy detangling & smoothing

of dry hair

Seamless Tension-Flex™ bristles

of scattered lengths

DV-4 100% Boar Styler

For superior straightening

smoothing & touch-ups

100% boar bristles

Superior styling results

Reduces stress on the wrist

Total styling control

Comfortable soft cushion

Gentle on hair & scalp

Great for all hair types